Would you like to work one-to-one with a professional landscape designer to increase the beauty and value of your home? From designing the perfect outdoor room to creating lush and inviting entrances, Terra Luma Design develops a custom plan that stimulates the senses and reduces the hassles of garden maintenance.

Designing in harmony with nature, Terra Luma’s principal designer, Michael Howell, gets inspired by every new project. “As each site is unique, I partner with my clients, focus on a goal of creating a place with great personal meaning. It is an amazing thing to be able to co-create a private oasis. My clients enjoy stylish, imaginative and functional designs outdoor spaces that are perfect for them.”


Through a consultation process, Terra Luma listens to your ideas and makes the planning process pleasurable. Before plant recommendations are made, Michael takes the time to understand the use of the space in addition to the existing plant pairings – to make sure each element is right for your lifestyle.

Once complete, a plan is developed that includes the use of photographs, to give you a clear picture of how the newly proposed landscape will look.


Terra Luma works closely with a team of reputable tradesmen and contractors to bring the landscape design to life. By managing the project for you, the installation and projects requirements come together to remain on time and on budget.

Outdoor Living

Designing and landscaping an outdoor space is one of the best decisions you can make as a homeowner. By taking the time to set up your outdoor area, you can enjoy the comfort of indoor living with the relaxation of being outdoors in a beautiful space. When design and function intersect, the result is the perfect outdoor space.

Outdoor rooms create an experience for your friends and family – whether it is for entertaining or relaxing. They also improve the quality of your life and makes your home seem larger as the living space is shared both indoors and out.

Personalize your space with funky planters, living walls, water features and decorative stone. With landscape lighting and a heat source (such as infra-red heaters or a firepit), you can extend the usability of your outdoor room so the party doesn’t end when the sun goes down.