Fences are often necessary to identify boundaries, create privacy, keep pets from wandering or simply to add to the ambiance of a space.


Custom Fence by Cedar Coast Fence Custom fence fabricators such as Cedar Coast Fence will construct each fence panel to the designer’s specifications. Details such as the fence height, post dimensions and even stain are predetermined.

There is a vast array of materials that can be used for a custom fence, including cedar, bamboo, acrylic and glass. Below are just a few examples to spark your imagination for your own custom fence.  I love fences covered with vines such as grapevines or evergreen clematis, and this is a way to make it your own.

The first step is to identify the intended purpose of the fence.  Then draw on materials and colours that inspire you and fit into the existing environment, keeping in-mind the scale of the surrounding architecture.  Large, historical homes lend themselves to a solid fence, such as this one, where I used 6″x6″s for the posts.  Even the panels, lattice and gate are chunky, stained to complement the home’s wood trim features.

Solid Entry Fence

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