Palm Pots- Bali, Indonesia

Palm Pots from BaliThese fabulous pots can be used as large vases or simply as natural sculpture.  They are equally at home in a modern contemporary environment or amidst exotic or heritage decor. They can be used inside or outside.

Borassus flabelliferThey are made of palm tree trunks, hollowed-out and finely-sanded; the insides burned and the bottoms capped. The tree is Borassus flabellifer (Toddy Palm); renewable and fast growing, similar to bamboo.  All the trees used for these pots are plantation-grown.  All harvesting and sanding is done by hand using traditional methods in Bali, Indonesia.

I have incorporated the Palm Pots into an intimate little outdoor living room that I recently designed.

Palm Pot with Nandina domestica 'Monum'

The furnishings are from Bradford Lifestyles, with the Palm Pot and the coffee table from  The Urban Gypsy, 614 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC (, one of my favourite resources for funky furnishings!