Plants Proven to Fight Fatigue

A touch of nature in your office

Inspiration, productivity and inventiveness are all strongly shaped by your workspace. Whether you feel energized or experience low energy is a direct result of the working environment.

In a recent study completed by Netherlands based research firm, TNO Quality of Life, after an office plant was introduced to the workspace and placed in a peripheral view, workers experienced:

  • improved energy
  • less stress
  • greater productivity

Noise reduction and better air quality may also result in the workplace.  The study recommended one large plant should be provided for every two employees or for every 12 square meters of office space.

My favorite office planter is the Lechuza Delta 15.  With a 4.5″ footprint, it takes up very little space on my desk and with a built-in reservoir  – it eliminates clean up after watering and ensures that plant has a water accessible at all times.