Outdoor Meditation Room

A customized outdoor meditation room should be as unique as you

Imagine sitting quietly outdoors…  in a outdoor meditation room where you can escape and empty your mind… a breathing space from the chaos of the day. Increasingly, many of my clients want their outdoor space to be a place where they can decompress.

As you begin to envision your meditation room, take some time to consider both the function and how each element will create harmony with your environment.

In my experience, here are the top 5 considerations in the design:

  • Noise – What can you hear as you sit quietly?  If you hear the overwhelming noise of traffic,  consider adding additional plants  to buffer noise or include outdoor speakers for you iPod.
  • Decor – How can you bring soothing elements into the space?  Water fountain, natural wood and cushions create calm in any space .
  • Colour – What colour(s) would you like to be in you space?  Color as a psychological tool is very powerful. Consider the effects of your favorite colours on your mood.  Build a palette of calming and soothing foliage and textiles.
  • Location – How does the sun and wind impact your space?  Would you like to meditate in or out of the sun? What is the best layout for the space?
  • Privacy – How private is your space?  Enclose your outdoor meditation room and use sheer curtains to create privacy.

In terms of functionality, plan for storage of cushions and blankets to ensure they stay dry in inclement weather.

Regardless of the size of your outdoor meditation room, your design should be as unique as you – unlike any place else.