The Year I Ate My Yard

En route to Palm Springs, I had to stop and fill-up in Pasadena.  To my delight, we happened across an incredible garden centre before we found a gas station.  I suggested “I bet the garden centre can tell us where to find a gas station” (with an ‘oh please, oh please…  let’s stop just for a minute’ undertone to my voice).  Joey had had a piddle break in hours, so we decided to stop.  Check-out my visit in a separate post here.

Perhaps my best find was Tony Kienitz’s book The Year I Ate My Yard.  It’s a must-read for anyone interested in growing their own food!  Kienitz’s humor is warm and welcoming while his gardening tips are full of insight and common sense.

Look for it at your local garden centre or book store.  You’ll be glad you did!