Plants Are Key

Plants are, of course, the stuff that great gardens are made of! A garden can be defined by one specimen plant, but more often than not it is a collection of plants are that artfully arranged. Your garden is probably a collection of plants that speak to you, reflecting your individual tastes and lifestyle.

My personal favourites include classics such as elegant Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum and Acer palmatum dissectum), bamboos (the likes of Phyllostachys nigra and Fargesia robusta). I also love old-fashioned perennials such as Iris, Bleeding-Hearts and ornamental grasses!

What we want our gardens to look like says alot about us. We all have our favourite plants and styles preferences. Research has been conducted on our love of, or disdain for, grass: Conformists like lawns that are golf course perfect while non-conformists strive for anything but fescues, ryes and Kentucky blues!

I also like many of the new introductions that various growers develop. I use these new hybrids to edit my garden; it’s an easy way to give it a new look every season! This year I am looking forward to adding an edible component to my garden with lettuces, herbs and other vegetables.

You will find many plant profiles on this site. If you are looking for a particular plant, just enter the botanical or common name in the search field at the top of the page.