Outdoor Living

This year people are enjoying the outdoors as never before.  Especially after the record-breaking winter, we’re ready to ‘get outside’!

Classic bar-b-ques are being re-fitted into outdoor kitchens.  Old-school lawn furniture is being replaced with swanky outdoor sofas and club chairs with beautiful outdoor cushions.  We’re casually eating around fire pits with our iPods broadcasting tunes through wireless speakers.  Today’s outdoor rooms are giving their indoor counterparts a run for their money!

One of the first steps you need to take in planning on outdoor room is to determine whether you want to build a deck or an at-grade patio.  Compare your finished elevation of your home to that of your garden.  There are pros and cons to both decks and patios and you’ll want to check local building codes for any restrictions.

If you choose a deck, why not incorporate storage beneath?  Consider the investment of a premium tropical hardwood such as Kayu Batu.  If you opt for a patio, consider all the materials available including Pennsylvania bluestone, flagstones, limestone and a wide variety of concrete paver styles!

While these design decisions set the stage for your outdoor living, they are just the beginning!  Personalize your space with funky planters, living walls, water features and decorative stone!  And extend the usability of your outdoor room by adding landscape lighting and a heat source (such as infra-red heaters or a fire pit) so the party doesn’t end when the sun goes down!